"My co-authors and I thought hard about the most important advice we can give you as you get started with the units. We've overviewed the year, helping you think about whether to teach the units in sequence, and suggesting alternatives that might work for you. We've then focused on giving you an overview of the first 2–3 units for each grade to help ensure your work with your students is the most productive it can possibly be from Day One.
— Lucy Calkins


In these 75 minute long video-courses, Calkins and her colleagues speak directly to teachers at a particular grade level, giving you their best current knowledge about all the things you most need to know in order to have a successful year teaching Units of Study in Writing. Expect to learn TCRWP's thoughts for your grade-level's year long curriculum and for ways to adapt the units based on your writers' prior experiences. Expect, too, a brief intensive on essential methods for teaching writing, on ways to use--and not use--the spiral units, and an overview of key units for your grade level.