These two free webinars let you learn about this innovative algebra curriculum from three of the authors who created it.

  • June Mark, EDC Managing Project Director 
  • E. Paul Goldenberg, EDC Distinguished Scholar
  • Jane M. Kang, EDC Curriculum/Instructional Design Associate

The first webinar (15 minutes) introduces you to the series and: 

  • explains the needs and motivations that shaped this instructional approach;
  • describes how logic problems and puzzles build student perseverance and willingness to try multiple approaches to problems; and
  • shows how students learn to look for patterns and structures that make algebra make sense.

The second webinar (40 minutes) examines the series' guiding principles and instructional design. This webinar:

  • describes how the algebraic habits of mind guide instruction;
  • explores how the teaching is aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice;
  • unpacks the 12 units of study and related support components;
  • shows how mental mathematics exercises introduce algebraic concepts;
  • models how number tricks and logic puzzles engage students in formulating algebraic equations;
  • highlights how this series can transform teaching practices and learning environments;
  • discusses various ways the units have been used to support algebra instruction; and 
  • answers frequently asked questions.

Watch the Webinars